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Posts from March 2017

A Brief History of Slavery 
The abolition of the Slavery in the 19th Century was an historic achievement in the face of stubborn resistance . It might be argued that the formal abolition of the transatlantic slave trade, specifically the ownership and sale of black African slaves, has been perceived as an end to this brutal and inhuman trade (Quirk 2006). In reality it has given way to the illicit and more diverse slave market that is referred to as Modern Day Slavery. The history of slavery is complex; it has changed and adapted through time and is influenced by politics, cultural, social and moral or religious values, migration, war, colonialism and natural disaster and economics. If there has been one constant characteristic of slavery it is the exertion of power and control by the strong over the weak. 
Pennington Manches is a major, well respected international law firm. The charitable foundation is the result of three years hard work by Gill Rivers. I was delighted the attend reception for its launch on March 9th at the firm's London Office. The event was well supported by many people from a variety of disciplines, all committed to fighting Modern Slavery and supporting those affected by it. The atmosphere was one of undiluted enthusiasm and camaraderie. Personally it was good to see colleagues that I've known for soe time but also meet people that are new to me, learn about their work and experience. 
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