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Achieving Best Evidence - Vulnerable and Intimidated Adults 

Video Recorded Interviews using the Achieving Best Evidence guidance are crucial to the investigation and prosecuition of abuse and exploitation of vulnerable adults and those who have been intimidated by their abusers and other criminals. This popular course has been developed and delivered in partnership with Allied Child Protection Consultants Ltd. It is designed for Police Officers and Social Workers concerned with safeguarding of vulnerable adults including victims of stalking harrassment and honour based crime. This ABE programme utilises the SIPPS principles of Trauma Informed Practice and Evidence Led Safeguarding and Investigation to deliver superior video recorded interviews for both the Criminal and Civil Courts
Duration: 5 Days Trainers: Craig Barlow and Alec Love 
To provide participants with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in the effective interviewing and support of Adults At Risk as witnesses to the standard required within Achieving Best Evidence guidance and the Criminal Justice Process. 
On completion of the course, participants should be able to: 
• Demonstrate knowledge of the new guidance and the relevant legislation in relation to their roles and responsibilities 
• Demonstrate skills in the interviewing of adults who may be described as being at risk as witnesses in accordance with the guidance framework. 
• Recognise and demonstrate skills in the interviewing of adults at risk with particular needs or disabilities. 
• Recognise and demonstrate skills in interviewing adults targeted by Organised Crime Groups and have been trafficked into the UK or trafficked within the UK for criminal purposes. 
• Recognise and apply the principles of multi-agency working. 
• Develop strategies for planning and co-ordinating interviews. 
• Describe the requirements for the support and preparation of witnesses. 
• Recognise the emotional impact of the work and identify support systems. 
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