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The Importance of Forensic Histories in the context of Parent/Carer Assessments 

Duration: 1 Day 
Trainer: Craig Barlow 
Craig is an Independent Forensic Social Worker, Criminologist and PhD Student at the Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation. As an expert in behavioural investigation and risk assessment he is an Expert Witness to the Family Courts and an Expert Adviser to the Prosecution and Police in criminal cases.  
Parenting Assessments are required in order to inform decisions regarding risk and safety planning. When a parent has a violent and criminal history the assessor needs to understand it and its implications ofr the current and future circumstances of the family. This one day workshop helps Social Workers understand the implications of particular criminal convictions and cautions, patterns of violent behaviour and substance abuse and links these to other aspects of the assessment such as relationship stability, stress, coping and resilience. 
To enable social workers to examine and analyse forensic histories as a vital part of the parenting assessment. 
• Describe and explain the concepts static, dynamic and acute dynamic risk factors for child maltreatment. 
• Demonstrate how previous convictions, cautions and police records are valuable sources of information with regard to understanding nature and aetiology of harmful behaviour e.g. violence, substance abuse and other forms of criminality. 
• Explain motivations for violent and harmful behaviour. 
• Analyse patterns of behaviour e.g. offence cycles, diversity and density of violent and harmful incidents or criminality. 
• Identify useful assessment tools and questionnaires. 
Concepts of risk, static, dynamic and acute dynamic risk factors. 
Patterns of behaviour and motivation 
Overview of key aspects of Criminal Law and Police records 
Sources of information and assessment tools. 
The psychology of denial 
Analysis and interpretation of collateral sources of information 
Making recommendations and safety planning 

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