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About Our Services 

Craig Barlow is a HCPC Registered Independent Forensic Social Worker and Criminologist. He established Consultancy & Training Ltd in 1998. 
Craig began his career working with children and then adults with multiple disabilities and severe emotional and behavioural problems in 1987. 
Since that time he has developed as an Expert in Risk Assessment and Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults. He has been recognised by the College of Policing as a Subject Matter Expert with regard to sexual violence and abuse, and is an Expert Witness to the Family Courts and Civil Tribunals. Since 2014, he has worked closely with Caroline Haughey, Barrister at Law as an Expert Behavioural Advisor in a number of high profile cases of Human Trafficking, Modern Slavery and Domestic Servitude. Their achievements have recently been described by the CPS as "Groundbreaking". 
Craig Barlow Consultancy & Training provides training and services to professionals from Law Enforcement Agencies, Social Care and Health services and the Private and Voluntary Sectors. Below are the range of services we currently offer. For training programmes see About Our Training

Expert Advice For Criminal Law 

The SIPPS helps investigators and Prosecutors understand the cultural and social backgrounds of victims of exploitation, the dynamics of the abusive relationship, and current behavioural presentations. 
This helps to inform the investigation, identifies the safety needs of victims, and enables Prosecutors to present a case narrative that is most accessible to a jury. 


Craig Barlow Consultancy & Training regularly provides advice and guidance in complex cases of Trafficking, Modern Slavery, Domestic Servitude and Sexual Exploitation, Stalking Harassment and Violence. 
We undertake management reviews of case work and investigations, help develop safeguarding protocols, and offer advice on staff safety. 

Professional Supervision 

We are pleased to offer specialist clinical supervision to Social Workers and other Health Care Professionals at all levels of experience with regard to Trafficking and Modern Slavery Issues, Sexual and Non-Sexual Violence, Risk Assessment and Management. 

Expert Advice for Civil Law 

We provide Forensic risk assessments for Local Authorities, Employment Tribunals and The Family Courts. 
Increasingly, The Family Courts are ordering ABE Style Interviews and Assessments. With 25 years experience of Investigative Social Work and Delivering ABE Training to Police Officers and Social Workers, Craig Barlow is responding to this need with one Family Court Barrister describing his evidence as "Fantastic". 
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