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Welcome to the Trafficking & Criminal Exploitation: Law, Research and Practice Area  These pages are for professionals looking for up to date research, opportunities to discuss and share knowledge and experience with colleagues from accross different professions and disciplines and keep abreast of the rapid developments and debates in the field.   


Section 45 of the The Modern Slavery Act 2015 provides a statutory defence for those that have had to commit crimes as a result of being trafficked and exploited by criminals. 
The Act is still relatively new legislation that is being interpreted, tested and applied to the extremely complex problem of trafficking of human beings for the purposes of slavery, servitude and forced and compulsory labour. 
Despite the laudible aims of the s45 Defence, it's implementation has not been without problems. However, in the past couple of years there have been a series of important authorities with significant implications for trials concerning possible criminal exploitation . 
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Criminal Exploitation (CCE) means coercive control of a child or vulnerable adult in order for them to commit crimes on the behalf of another.  
Often a victim of criminal exploitation is not recognised as such when they come to the attention of criminal justice and child safeguarding authorities. 
These pages will challenge the assumptions which underpin the tactical and strategic responses of professionals, and criminal justice and safeguarding organisations and provide access to new and emerging research, data and analysis concerning trafficking and criminal exploitation in the UK and throughout the world. 
Click below for a short recording of Dr Craig Barlow's Presentation of his "Circles of Analysis" Model of CCE 

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This area will produce news and examples of practice development in combating criminal exploitation and is a place for Lawyers, police officers, social workers, health professionals , educators and others concerned with the issue to meet and exchange knowledge and experience. 
I hope that this will lead to the growth of a respectful and mutually supportive, multi-disciplinary community of professionals and academics. 
Click below for the video explainin how Orgamised Crime Groups (OCGs) identify,groom and recruit victims for criminal exploitation 

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