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An Expert Adviser can provide a valuable and cost effective alternative to an Expert Witness. Perhaps one of the main benefits is that the expert's advice, any report to the client, remains privileged. This means that it is not disclosable allowing the client to benefit from advice, guidance and opinion to assist in their strategic decision making. An expert adviser can be instructed very early in a case to help narrow down the issues, and help ensure proportionate and carefully reasoned responses (e.g. witness welfare, offender behaviour and statement validity analysis, opening and closing speeches) throughout the course of the case. This can be particularly beneficial when a complex case is still pre-proceedings or where there are case management issues to be addressed. 
Below are examples of casework in which Craig Barlow has used the SIPPS Model to formulate advice and strategies for investigation and prosecution strategies. 
April 2016  
R-v-A Domestic Servitude in a Marriage Context: The SIPPS Analysis was used to assess risk to a vulnerable witness and other family members, develop safeguarding plans, and a prosecution strategy. It resulted in a successful prosecution and the first conviction of its type in the UK. The work on this case was described by the CPS as "Groundbreaking". 
March 2016 
R-v-M et al (Second Trial) Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation: The SIPPS Analysis developed the prosecution strategy for this second trial resulting in convictions across the board, substantial sentences for an entire Organised Crime Group. 
June 2015 
Operation Peltier - Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation: The SIPPS Analysis provided detailed behavioural analysis of offenders and victims, explaining the dynamics of the abuse and victim behaviour through the key concept of Traumatic Entrapment. The prosecution strategy tapped the offender's behaviour and was able to explain the victims' apparent compliance with their abusers as rational given the conditions in which the were held and controlled. It resulted in convictions for the entire Organised Crime Group.  
R-v-T Rape: For this difficult and sensitive case, SIPPS Analysis of witness statements, suspect interviews, complainant's statement, and behaviour of the accused and the complainant was used to develop the defence strategy. Result was acquittal of the defendant. 
October - December 2014 
R-v-M et al. (First Trial) Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation: A long and extremely complex trial in which SIPPS Analysis was used to analyse evidence, statements, interviews and behaviour of offenders and victims. The analysis was used by the Prosecution to lay out the narrative of the case for the Jury and develop cross examination strategies. Successful prosecution and conviction of key members of the Organised Crime Group. 
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